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It’s obviously NO secret that Mariah has been gaining weight these days, & unfortunately, that’s the only thing in the media, nothing about her career, (which isn’t in its best season right now)…. (more…)

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B4 I get started, remember that you talk shit about folks too! But, you’re kissing ass on your TV show right now! Anywho, Dear wendy, I needs you to understand something…Get Those BIG ASS WATERMELONS Removed!! There’s nothing wrong with a boob job, but this is too damn big, that’s why ppl r under the impression you is a tranney! Also, You need a new Stylist, Those ugly TACKY ASS outfits won’t work, sorry! & them nasty dirty sheepass wigs! Those look like they from ShA-Nay-Nay Hair Emporium! Those Ghetto Cheap ass muthafuckas, that straight hair isn’t a good look for you, keep your blond curls, and keep it the fuck on moving! Last but not least, Learn how to shut the FUCK up! all you do is run your damn mouth, then the few REAL celebs that appear on the show r on therr 5mins, and yo ass talking bout “Ask Wendy” Ask Wendy Shit! Like You a GotDamn therapist! Gwarl, take yo azz back to radio where you belong, you are too tacky and shitty to be on TeleVision! Love U! Thanx! 🙂

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So is she? Well, according to a source, she is supposed to b therr n March.. Wendy_logo I guess people can make up, right? Hopefully, no1 will get cut! Lmao!

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