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Apparently, Mariah Has Waited Too Long  To Conceive, & Is Suffering From The Same Thing Celine Dion Struggles With!

At her marriage re-commitment fete Friday with Nick Cannon at their Beverly Hills home, Mariah Carey spoke openly about the couple’s deep desire to have a child, a guest tells me.

The singing superstar’s recent weight gain has reportedly been due to fertility treatments Carey has been undergoing.

"Not that a few extra pounds on Mariah bothers Nick at all. He likes his woman with a bit of meat on her bones," the friend said with a laugh.

While Carey has continued to hope she and Cannon can conceive a baby, she also reportedly is now looking into adopting.

A number of Carey chums report the entertainer has been deeply moved by the story of Sandra Bullock’s long-secret adoption of little Louis — first revealed publicly last week in that People magazine cover story.


I Wish Mariah The Best!

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It’s obviously NO secret that Mariah has been gaining weight these days, & unfortunately, that’s the only thing in the media, nothing about her career, (which isn’t in its best season right now)…. (more…)

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Over The Weekend, Mariah Carey celebrated her birthday (lambs call it her anniversary), with a few close friends, including B. Scott of LoveBScott.com, & the LoveBScott Channel on YouTube. Here are pics from the party, courtesy of LoveBScott.com.

This Porsche above is from Nick…He Surprised her with it….um, I didn’t know he had that much money..awkward.

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(HQ) Mariah Carey: 20 Years In Music. ETERNALLY 12th Anniversary! A Special Tribute! Part 2

Part 2 of the video!

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A Special Anniversary Tribute From Lambs!

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I wanna start this post off, by using Mariah Carey’s “Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel” for an example:

This album’s sales were low. Notice I Didn’t say flop, because she’s not the only one.   Just Like 50 Cent. He was debuting at #1 over & over. So, what happened? Well, He had feuds with Beanie Siegel and other rappers, same as Mariah had a feud with Eminem. I Honestly think these two particular albums flopped, because of lack of promotion, lackluster music, and feuds. Mariah hasn’t been making the best music lately, and like I said before, 50 Cent’s rhymes are getting soft, not edgy like usual. Another reason, could be P2P networks such as Limewire and Frostwire, where people can basically download music for free. Mariah was pushed back several times, so when it was finally released, there was no anticipation for it, because it had already leaked nearly a month before its release. Give Me your thoughts, I might revisit this topic.

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So Her & Mariah’s new single UOMF hit #1 on Bet’s 106 & Park!! First Off, Mariah is a LEGEND, when a LEGEND asks you to be on a song, that  means you are the SHIT! In 2010, and coming years, Nicki Minaj is reviving female rap, & WILL TAKE OVER GOTDAMN IT!!!

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Yay!! I’m so happy! make sure you guys vote on BET. 106 & Park airs every weekday 6pm-8pm!

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Herr is the song–> Mariah Carey 100%singlecover

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