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I’m really proud of him. He’s come a long way. Ever since I saw his first video talking about Shemar Moore’s “Ding-Ding”, I subscribed right then. For these past 3 years of his YouTube videos & website, lovebscott.com, He has really been blessed. First, He meets his favorite entertainer, Mariah Carey, & hangs out with her, then he has a new radio show “The Foxxhole”, a station of Sirius XM. Not to mention, He will be on TV very soon!!

This actually will be a milestone for the gay community, in my opinion. Think about it, have you ever seen a openly gay man, hosting a widely broadcast radio show, & a TV Talk show host?? I haven’t. The only way I see gay people in the media, is being exploited. B Scott is the complete opposite. He’s able to crossover to a mainstream audience, & that’s why he has became so successful!

Just goes to show, If you’re professional, & you work hard, you get the things you want or need.

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