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Although Rihanna’s European tour is sold out, things are not faring well here in America. Originally, everyone was under the impression that Rihanna had sold out Madison Square Garden, but that’s simply not the case. The best section available is 111 (as of 12:46 am on May 2nd, 2010). I checked these out at Ticketmaster personally, so it’s not some made up story that RihTards was talking about. And If you still don’t believe me, look for yourself.  Anywho, most dates have barely sold out 30% of it’s nearly 20,000 seat capacity! She needs to just sit the HELL down. If she would’ve put Nicki Minaj & Orianthi as her opening acts, she would’ve sold out with the quickness, but instead her ass wanna be a so called “diva”, when she’s nothing but an untalented, big foreheaded, whore.

I Just can’t with the bitch anymore! LMAO!

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I wanna start this post off, by using Mariah Carey’s “Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel” for an example:

This album’s sales were low. Notice I Didn’t say flop, because she’s not the only one.   Just Like 50 Cent. He was debuting at #1 over & over. So, what happened? Well, He had feuds with Beanie Siegel and other rappers, same as Mariah had a feud with Eminem. I Honestly think these two particular albums flopped, because of lack of promotion, lackluster music, and feuds. Mariah hasn’t been making the best music lately, and like I said before, 50 Cent’s rhymes are getting soft, not edgy like usual. Another reason, could be P2P networks such as Limewire and Frostwire, where people can basically download music for free. Mariah was pushed back several times, so when it was finally released, there was no anticipation for it, because it had already leaked nearly a month before its release. Give Me your thoughts, I might revisit this topic.

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